A New Chapter

Hi everyone!

It’s unfortunately been a while since my last post, but for exciting reasons! Since I last wrote, I have graduated from Michigan State University with my Master’s Degree in Plant Breeding, Genetics, and Biotechnology, where I researched disease resistance in tart cherries. My thesis, titled ‘Comparison of Resistant, Tolerant, and Susceptible Host Responses to Cherry Leaf Spot and Assesment of Trait Inheritance’ has since been published by the University, and a corresponding journal article is currently under review.

After graduation, I took a position with Harris Seeds/Garden Trends, a company in Rochester, NY which sells vegetable and flower seeds, as well as other products, to farmers and home gardeners around the country. At Harris Seeds, I am the Trials Manager which places me in charge of the in-house trialing of new varieties and products, as well as trials conducted by growers around the country. In addition to my responsibilities in this role, I am a contributor to the Harris Seeds blog ‘From the Ground Up‘ dedicated to professional growers, and the Garden Trends blog ‘The Garden Digs‘ for home gardeners. While I plan to continue writing for Cultivate Curiosity, I and my colleagues at Harris Seeds/Garden Trends will be making more regular contributions to these blogs, which I hope you’ll visit! They are a great source of growing tips and inspiration. My first post for ‘From The Ground Up’ outlines some of the crop species we are trialing on-site at Harris Seeds this year. As the season progresses, I will be following-up with our trial results and which new varieties we found the most impressive. For ‘The Garden Digs’, I will be featuring some gardening trends and projects that we are trying, including the construction of a spiral raised herb garden. I hope you’ll take a minute to check out these blogs and stay tuned for more from Harris Seeds’ trials and from Cultivate Curiosity!

Best wishes,



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